To lead our nation out of this desperate situation
FROM ENVER TO DERVISH:(Selam Brother Dervish,)
  You brought up a point which is at heart of every single Uyghur and as far as our present situation concerned your diagnostic is O.K. On the other hand,it is again up to us to move away from this desperate situation and look for alternatives. Ofcourse it would have been the best if we had a naturally born leader who had the charisma and skills to lead the Uyghur people, and while we do not have such a leader we must create an environment for poosible candidates to prove themselves as to haw to lead us. In the history therehave been lucky nations who had such leaders in emergency situations, and there have been others who found alternative ways. Fortune or unfortune, we Uyghurs at this stage of history must look for a way O U T ! A simple alternative is getting organized internationally: Creation of a international body with participation of as much as possible diaspora Eastern Turkestani organizations and prominent personalities; election of a Board either with rotation presidency (collective leadership) or election of individual, mostly suitable to the position. The first step for it to succed is that we Uyghurs abroad upheld it, unite under its banner, make positive and constructive inputs, respect it, see and show the Board as the supreme organ of Uyghurs.  The above is just a simple example. One could sit down and discuss it in detail and work out somthing feasible.  Most important is we should not stay idle,outcry, paint everything black, demoralize and disillusion ourselves and others, but seriously think, participate and look for a way out of the present miserable situation.   Today, we Uyghurs reached the stage either we fight for exixtance or we will be whiped out. And it is up to us how to move away from this....I think, if the expression is correct, the "Know-how" is there, and it will be the Uyghurs to learn how to use the Know-how, no one else would do it for us. Everything in this world has its price. We must pay the price ourselves if we want again to be masters of our motherland. I am confvinced that If we, at least the Uyghurs abroad: try to unite under one single international banner; try to put the interests of the nation above ourselves, if try to put personal differences aside, if more Uyghurs participate in the cause, if we try financially to contribute (even less then 10% of our income) to the cause if we ask every night the question ourselves: what did I do today for my people at home? If we make positive and constructive inputs to work being done if we learn how to appreciate, instead of destuctive and synical critizism,if we realize that a possible leader is also a human being like the rest of us finally, if we really want our homeland back for us  I am sure there will be: --Many candidates (at least one of them) to become our leader.Perhaps there are many possible candidates among us (both at home and abroad) who might have been waiting for the correct timing or has the charisma and skills, but lack the favourable environment  --A unified political party if we establish and stay behind it...--Will be a liberation ideology if work on it and forge one...--Will be an economic base, first of all we Uyghurs abroad create a Fund (Homeland Fund) and contribute to it at least 5% of our income monthly, then ask the mankind for help... --Will be a proper representation, first of all, if we create one, recognize it, uphold it, strenghten it...--Will be the promissed land of Uyghurs, if we are ready to sacrify ourselves for it, and pay the required price for it. There are enaugh examles in the history about it. But in every case it was the nominal people themselves who regained it. --The Uyghurs in the West, may be few, but not at all politically immature. We are mature, if not enaugh ,so there are good possiblities to maturize ourselves... --The Uyghurs in Eastern Turkestan are depressed and frustrated, but ready for the national struggle, they wait for the right moment and need ...--Some of the Uyghurs in Central Asia used to be indifferent, but not anymore. They are looking for their homeland, they do not know where they belong to. It is the most favorable moment to organize and mobilize them. They need a supreme body to lead them towards correct direction--The Uyghurs in Muslim countries are not different then the Uyghurs in other countries. They love their motherland at least as much as others. They also need a leadership to lead them and beneficially use their financial contribution... --There will be a common view and collective political action if we sit down and work out and implement it... --The tragedy the Uyghur people face today will be beginning of a new era; the era of real national struggle; the era of struggle for existence of the Uyghur nation. The only thing we must do is: work hard, be frank, constructive, get toghether, consult, take decisions and implement and  to look for ways what to do, how to do... --So I think what we luck( at least those abroad) is not a leader, what we luck is the will, decisiveness, resolution, steadfastness and action to regain our homeland and to build the Uyghur nation  The above is what thought laudly. I was encouraged by your couragious outcry. I hope all this would serve at least for a reflection! I would expect more and more subtle views from our intellectuals around the world preferribly on what to do, how to do next! to lead our nation out of this desperate situation and show them the torch of hope!  With best wishes,/Enver

















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